Looking for something... or some ONE?
His name is Jesus, and your search is over!

It seems that we’re all trying to find something to fulfill us. We’re searching for the “Better Life” when what we actually need is “Life” itself!

Everywhere we turn we’re told that it’s all about me, my needs, my hopes and my dreams. Sure there’s a god and we’re told from our pulpits that his sole existence is to make me happy and satisfy my desires. The truth is, that “god” will never satisfy anything, because that god is you.

When we believe that the God who spoke the universe into existence actually exists to insure our personal pleasure, we've broken the second commandment and have begun to worship a god that we have created after our own image who won’t judge or convict us, nor will that god save us!

The Almighty Creator is the God of the Bible and He is a Holy God, He is a God of Justice and Righteousness. But He is the only God who cared enough for you that He willingly gave His life on a torturous cross to pay your penalty for breaking His Holy Laws.

Because of God’s Son Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven of our sins against Him and be brought into His presence,guiltless and penalty free. This is the God whom we serve, this is the God who saves, this is the God to whom we worship and ONLY in our complete submission to Him will we ever know what the“Better Life”really is.

Welcome to Generations United!
It is our heart's desire to help you get to know and worship the One True God!